About Us

See Me 3D, offers moms-to-be an "up close and personal" view of their babies while they are still in the womb.

Why settle for a traditional grainy ultrasound pictures of your baby. With the technology of our 3D/4D ultrasounds you can now capture your baby's first expressions with amazing clarity.  See your baby suck their thumb, yawn, or even smile.

Our facility allows expectant parents to see smiles, thumb-sucking and facial features on a 42-inch plasma screen television.

See Me 3D uses state of the art ultrasound equipment. Our Samsung Medison A30 ultrasound equipment renders accurate high definition 4d real-time images of the unborn child.

Baby's first picture takes on a new meaning in the facility's sonogram room. Surrounded by works of art celebrating womanhood and new life, parents see baby's first photo, and the photo quality images will be printed and put on a disc, so they can share it with friends and family.